New Jersey Devils Should Have Started Martin Brodeur Against Edmonton Oilers

By Nick Villano
Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

Cory Schneider has started the last four games in a row for the New Jersey Devils, and the team has won one of those games. Although you cannot blame Schneider for all of those losses, it is eye opening to see that he has been in net for that many losses. The worst part about this is three of those games saw the Devils lose their lead in the last three games in the final two minutes of the game.

Martin Brodeur has not started a game since he was pulled from the Stadium Series game back on Jan. 26. I understand why you don’t put Brodeur out there right away, but at this point, he has had plenty of time to get over what happened. The Devils have had trouble scoring all season, but seem to have a chance when Brodeur is in net. There is no real rhyme or reason for it, but numbers are numbers.

Another reason to start Brodeur is that he would love to get redemption on one of his worst games of the season. After shutting out the Edmonton Oilers over the first two periods, he allowed them to score four goals in less than eight minutes to take the lead. Brodeur would love to redeem himself from that terrible performance.

It seems really perplexing how coach Peter DeBoer has dealt with Brodeur all season. At some times, he is clearly the starter, while at other times, it seems like he has no chance to start. Both players have commented about how the season is going, goalie wise, and neither seems very happy about it.

He chose to go with Schneider to start this game, as he seems to be committed to him for the rest of the season. I understand he is trying to do this so he can get him to re-sign in the offseason, but don’t always sit Brodeur in what could be his last season with the franchise even though he hasn’t been terrible (outside of his last game).

Schneider needs a rest after the complete heartbreak he has felt in the last three contests. Brodeur needs a chance to turn it around after a debacle on national television. How Schneider was named the starter is a little perplexing.

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