Steve Mason Should Welcome the Olympic Break

By Deanna Vasso
steve mason should take advantage of olympic break
Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports

The Philadelphia Flyers went out with a bang on Saturday afternoon as they defeated the Calgary Flames 2-1 before heading into the NHL-mandated Olympic break. They will return from their break to take on the San Jose Sharks on Feb. 27, by defending a four-game winning streak. While that is a long way away, the Olympic break will be a great way for Flyers players not participating in the Olympics to rest up and prepare for the end of the season. For goaltender Steve Mason, it should be a welcomed break.

Mason helped his team to a win against the Colorado Avalanche last Thursday, but he may have pushed himself health-wise. The starter experienced some bad cramping, to the point that Craig Berube was preparing Ray Emery to replace him. Mason pushed himself and stayed in the game, but he may have pushed himself a bit too far. Due to this it was really no surprise when Emery was the starter in the team’s game on Saturday.

Mason’s cramping was caused by dehydration, so it may have been a wiser move to pull him last Thursday, but he gutted through it. Luckily due to the Olympic break he’ll be able to re-hydrate and rest up for the next couple weeks. In hockey we love to see our players power through incredible injuries, and they tend to become these heroes in our eyes, but these guys sometimes need to listen to what their bodies are telling them.

The rest for the next couple weeks should be a welcome sign for the Flyers’ goalie and the rest of the team to prepare them to battle for a playoff spot when the NHL season re-starts.

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