New York Islanders Need to Score More Than 3 Goals Per Game

By evanleblanc
Islanders offense
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Tonight’s game against the Colorado Avalanche was a perfect example of the reason why the New York Islanders have been unable to win lately. They do not seem as though they are clicking on offense the way they should be, and as a result, are usually unable to win games by scoring four or more goals, as they were doing in their recent winning streak.

Things have gotten ugly lately for the Islanders, who seem to need to score that extra goal in order to make up for deficits that they get themselves into. Their defense and play in goal are both below average, so they are unable to ultimately get on the kind of roll they need to qualify for the postseason.

It seems to me that the Islanders, who are a real long shot for any postseason play at this point, simply are unable to convert on enough of the chances that they generate every game. Even though the 5-2 score in this game seems to indicate a blowout, this game was actually very close until the last minute of the third period.

The Islanders are perpetually unable to convert in late games when they are down a goal, and they cannot seem to get over the hump. I would think that large changes are coming soon, as the Islanders will look to move pending UFA’s Thomas Vanek and Andrew MacDonald.

MacDonald, whose value I think is vastly overestimated by people who do not watch him play very often, might bring in some decent pieces for a team that just got Travis Hamonic back from injury. Though one would think that MacDonald’s loss would negatively impact the Islander defense, I think that it would not make too much of a difference at this point.

They will still need to produce and find a way to light the lamp regardless of what happens with MacDonald. If they can find a way to get a decent defensive piece or a goalie, I think that him and Vanek should be available at the trade deadline.

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