Two Players The Philadelphia Flyers Never Should Have Traded

By Steven Smith
John E. Sokolowski-USA TODAY Sports

The Philadelphia Flyers‘ front office has been known for their ability to draft some serious talent over the years. Unfortunately, they don’t let that talent audition in Philly for long and have also been known to make a boneheaded move or two. The past handful of years alone have seen some major, and boy do I mean major talent, leave the Philadelphia roster. While the Flyers currently have plenty of talent and always seem to do a good job reloading after transactions are made, many Flyers fans still find themselves asking “what if?” These two players are guys Philly should have thought twice about.

Jeff Carter, regardless of what people said about his reputation, is a guy who had talent that was hard to replicate. Once scoring 46 goals in a season, Carter has scored more goals in each of the three seasons he’s been out of a Flyers uniform than the man they brought in to fill that uniform–Jakub Voracek. Though Voracek is definitely younger and still has room to grow, one can’t help but think what if they had those two extra goals this season? That could essentially be two more wins which means the Flyers could be in fifth in the Eastern Conference rather than sixth. Just some food for thought.

The other trade that aches Flyers fans is the James van Riemsdyk trade for Luke Schenn. Not only has Schenn been a bust for the flyers, at least to what he was thought out to be, but JVR has rubbed it in Philly’s face drastically. He’s played 196 games in a Philadelphia uniform, a stint that saw him score 47 goals and tally 99 points. With the Toronto Maple Leafs, JVR has played in 106 games while already scoring 42 goals and totaling 79 points.

It’s easy to argue that they needed defense and they wouldn’t be the same team, but those two things are obvious. Let’s face the facts; the Flyers went to the Finals in 2010 because of their ability to score. They had six players with at least 20 goals or more that season. The following year they only had four and lost in the second round. Last year, they only had three players on a pace to score 20 or more goals if the season wasn’t cut short, a season in which they failed to make the playoffs. Luckily, they do have six players on pace to score 20+ goals this season. However, fans can only wait and see how this playoff run, should they make it, pans out.

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