New York Islanders GM Garth Snow Overreacts By Saying No NHL Players Should Be In Olympics

By Anthony Allocco
Ed Mulholland- USA Today Sports

New York Islanders general manager Garth Snow is livid about the injury to John Tavares in the Olympics, and he made it very clear that he believes it’s unfair to the teams in the NHL. “Are the IIHF or IOC going to reimburse our season-ticket holders now? It’s a joke,” Snow said. Snow has gone on record in saying that he believes professional players should not be able to participate in the Olympics because of the financial implications it can have on the league. Snow believes amateurs should be given the opportunity to participate. Does he have a point?

I understand the frustrations of Snow, but he represented his country in the Olympics and knows that professional players take pride in doing so. I would consider the idea of allowing amateur players to partake, but Olympic hockey fans have been accustomed to watching superstars play. Taking big name players out of the games could take away from the level of play and the viewer’s experience.

Honestly, I think Snow overreacted in his interview and needs to be more professional about the issue. Injuries happen, whether it’s in the Olympics, the regular season or the postseason. The Winter Olympics happen every four years, and the Islanders got unlucky this time. It could happen to any player on any team, and it is a risk worth taking for the popularity of the sport. I want to see Tavares in the next Olympics because he deserves to be there, and it gives the Islanders more credibility in the league.

The season is over for the Islanders as they sit in dead last place and are now without their captain and best goal scorer. Snow can’t cite this injury as the cause of this disappointing season. His terrible offseason acquisitions are the reason why the Islanders are where they are in the standings.

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