Durability Has Played Crucial Role in Philadelphia Flyers' Success

By Steven Smith
Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports

With the Olympic hockey tournament rounding up its play this weekend, Philadelphia Flyers fans can finally stop holding their breath. The unsettling concern of injury was something that countless Flyers fans possessed these past couple of weeks, but with the final Flyer, Kimmo Timonen, playing in his final tournament game today, fans are grateful that their hometown heroes are coming back unscathed. It looks like the trend of lack of injury carried overseas and into Sochi and anyone associated with the Flyers can only hope they bring it back.

Durability has arguably been the biggest key in the Flyers’ success this season. Like most teams, they’ve had their stretch of games without a key player or two, but it was never anything major over an elated period of time.

Out of the eight teams in the Metropolitan Division, Philadelphia already ranks in at fifth for total goals scored by a team’s top five scorers. Imagine what their season could look like if their durability wasn’t able to keep up. Lucky for them, it has.

Four out of the top five goal scorers on the Flyers have played in all 59 of the games that they’ve had this season. Only three other teams in the Metropolitan Division can say they have done the same thing. However, the Flyers are the only team in their division that can say six out of their top seven point-scorers have played in every game this season.

With 23 games left to play in 46 days, the Flyers will be averaging a game played every other day. Durability has done them justice thus far and they hope it can continue the rest of their run.

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