NHL Trade Deadline: 5 Deals The Los Angeles Kings Must Consider

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Los Angeles Kings Trade Rumors

Los Angeles Kings Trades
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The Los Angeles Kings were a sexy pick to reach and win the Stanley Cup this year. While they started off playing well they have sputtered recently. They currently sit seventh in the Western Conference and are looking for a spark.

Obviously the Kings aren’t in too much trouble. They have a great coach, a great roster and are the team that proved all you have to do is get into the playoffs in order to win. Two years ago they became the first eight seed to win a Stanley Cup and could be headed in that direction again. But now that the fanbase has seen success they will be worried if the play does not pick up soon.

The biggest problem for the Kings has been goal scoring. It seems crazy to think that a team with Jeff Carter, Mike Richards, Anze Kopitar, Dustin Brown and Drew Doughty could struggle to score, but somehow the Kings have found a way to make that a reality.

This season has been tough on Brown especially as his production has plummeted. The other players have played well, but the last month or so has been horrible from an offensive standpoint. The Kings have some young players and also have some expiring contracts that could be interesting to other teams. They are also in the market for a defenseman who can log some serious minutes.

No matter what the Kings are still a favorite to win it all. If they want to do that they must make some moves, and here are five viable suggestions.

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5. Acquire Draft Picks

Draft Picks
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A small move won't satisfy the Kings. They like to make big splashes when going after players. They never have a problem swapping draft picks for players, but right now they are lacking in draft picks. They should trade one of their expiring contracts to acquire some picks in order to make a big splash.

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4. Trade Trevor Lewis

Trevor Lewis Trade
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One player contenders could be interested in is Trevor Lewis. Lewis is a grinder who can kill penalties. He is good at face-offs and has experience in big moments being apart of the Kings Cup team a couple of years ago. He is a player that could get the Kings a mid round draft pick that could help them to get a big name.

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3. Trade Dwight King

Dwight King Kings
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This is a long shot, but the Kings should consider moving their young forward Dwight King. King is 24-years-old and has a great skill-set. He is a big forward who can get to the dirty areas of the ice. He would look good in a package to acquire a defenseman or a forward. He is one of the very few young assets the Kings have these days, and they should move him if they want to upgrade their roster.

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2. Deal For Top Four Defenseman

Dan Girardi Trade Rumors
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Rumor has it that the Kings have been looking for a top four defenseman. The market doesn't have many of those around, but there are a couple of names in New York that could intrigue the Kings. New York Rangers' Dan Girardi is a veteran who logs heavy minutes. He is an unrestricted free agent at the end of the year and can be a rental or a player they want to commit to long term. Another is Andrew MacDonald of the New York Islanders. He is coming on strong the last two years and is also an unrestricted free agent for an Islanders team that is out of the playoff picture.

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1. Trade For Scoring Left Winger

Thomas Vanek Trade Rumors
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Scoring has been a huge problem for the Kings, and they are looking for a scoring left winger to add to their top six. There are a bunch of players who fit that criteria, but the main ones are the Islanders' Thomas Vanek, Matt Moulson of the Buffalo Sabres and Alex Hemsky of the Edmonton Oilers. Vanek is the top priority, but all three players could make an impact on this Kings team.

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  • tkecanuck341

    These suggestions are all terrible.

    First of all, you don’t want to dump expiring contracts at the trade deadline if you’re in a position to make the playoffs. Those players are called “rentals,” and they’re sent by the teams that aren’t set to make the playoffs (“sellers”) to teams that want some extra help to get an extra postseason push (“buyers”). If they are going to trade for draft picks, it will be in the offseason, not down the playoff stretch run. If anything, look for the Kings to dump a few draft picks for a rental player.

    Second, Trevor Lewis is one of the key pieces to the Kings’ defense-first system. He is one of the best penalty killers on the team, and is a mainstay on the Kings’ 3rd line alongside Jarret Stoll. There is no one else that can do what he does as well as he does for as cheap as he does it. Lewis isn’t going anywhere.

    Dwight King is one of the few players this season that has been able to find some chemistry with Kopitar on the top line. Both Lombardi and Sutter both said that King was the best player on the ice in training camp, and he is having one of the best seasons so far in his young career. Unless he is going out in exchange for an upgrade at the 1st line LW position (doubtful), King isn’t going anywhere.

    It’s no secret that the Kings have been targeting a top-pairing defensive defenseman. However, it will not be Girardi or MacDonald. The NY Rangers will make the playoffs this year, meaning they will expect immediate roster help in return for Girardi. Unless they’re willing to take some expendable players like Fraser and Frattin, or swap rentals with Mitchell or Greene, then it’s not gonna happen. MacDonald is an offense first guy, and that’s not what the Kings need. They need a top-four stay-at-home guy to replace Rob Scuderi. The latest rumour was Markov from Montreal, but that’s not going to happen for the same reason that a Girardi deal won’t happen. The ideal choice would be Mark Giordano from Calgary. He still has a few years left on his contract, and has a no-movement clause in his contract, but his name has been brought up in rumours lately since he’s now over 30 and the Flames are in the midst of a rebuild. If he agreed to waive his NMC, he could be had for a package of prospects and picks.

    Finally, the Kings will get none of the LWers that you mentioned. Vanek’s asking price is too high, and Lombardi has proven that he’s frugal when it comes to acquiring players. He won’t trade away the farm for a rental. The Kings have already tried the Moulson experiment half a decade ago and it ended miserably. He doesn’t fit in the Kings system. I’m sure Moulson’s and Quick’s wives would love to live near each other (they are sisters), but it’s not gonna happen. ALES Hemsky (there’s no X) is a high-risk, high-reward type player that has been criticized for his inconsistency and work ethic. At $5MM a season, he’s not a player that Lombardi would acquire. He was the subject of rumors a few years ago, and Lombardi said that he wasn’t “the right fit” for this Kings team. Nothing has changed since then that would have changed his mind.

    This sounds like an article written by a NY blogger that doesn’t know much about hockey outside of the Eastern timezone.