Should New Jersey Devils Look Into Trading Jaromir Jagr?

By Nick Villano
Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

The New Jersey Devils have not had much to be happy for this season. They are currently seventh in the Metropolitan Division.  They were the last team in the NHL to win a game. They got demolished by their rivals, the New York Rangers, NHL in their franchise’s only-ever outdoor game.

The only thing going right is the season of Jaromir Jagr.

Saying he has been the Devils’ best player would be an understatement. He leads the team in goals with 17, and leads the team in assists with 32. He has 16 more points than anyone else on the team. He is a +21 plus/minus, which is insane seeing that the team as a whole is -11. He is the only guy who is producing while the team is playing 5-on-5. He is leading the team in literally everything.

The realistic view of this, however, is that Jagr is 42 years old. His value is huge for a team looking to win the Stanley Cup this season. The Devils may be one piece away from being a very good team, but they may not be looking to give up the pieces to get the superstar they need.

So should they sell and trade Jagr? He would bring a nice hall to the Devils. They might get a few good pieces that can help them throughout the next few years.

Jagr has said he doesn’t want to go anywhere. He really likes the culture of the Devils. There would be a good chance that he could even resign in the offseason, especially with the abundance of cap space that the Devils have this year. He could be a part of something special next season.

Although many teams will want Jagr’s services, the haul the Devils receive will not be very impressive, theoretically.  Who is going to sell the farm to get a 42-year-old rental?

There is no real reason to give up Jagr. He is an asset that could easily resign next season. He has shown that he is more than capable of giving his all to a team. He seems like he is having fun with this team. Next season will not have the Ilya Kovalchuk stink all over it. There will be $25 million worth of new talent in the system. This season is not at all a lost cause, but the realistic view says that the Devils aren’t winning the Cup this year. However, that is no reason to sell Jagr.

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