Breaking Down The Rest Of The Philadelphia Flyers' Schedule

By Steven Smith
Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports

Hold on to your hats Philadelphia Flyers fans! The recommencing of NHL play is just a few days away. Judging from what’s been seen and heard from players over the Olympic break, it’s clear that the orange and black are ready to go again. With scenarios of what could could lead to Philadelphia’s playoff glory or unwanted demise, the remainder of the Flyers’ schedule could make or break the season. Have no fear though, folks. I’m here to break it down for you.

Despite the handful of elite teams Philly still has to play, the average win percentage of the team’s remaining opponents isn’t all that impressive. It barely cracks even at a mediocre .520. The Buffalo Sabres have the worst winning percentage of the remaining 16 opponents at .263, and Philadelphia will see them once more this season. The Pittsburgh Penguins have the best at .689, and Philadelphia will see them three more times this season.

As far as conference play is concerned, it’s pretty lopsided. In the remaining 23 games left this season for the Flyers, only six of them will be against teams from the Western Conference, leaving the other 17 against the Eastern Conference.

Divisional games will also be taking up most of the remaining schedule for the Flyers. Philadelphia has 10 remaining against the Metropolitan Division, seven against the Atlantic Division, four against the Central Division and two against the Pacific Division.

Philadelphia will have home-ice advantage during these final two months. They’ll play 14 of their remaining games at the Wells Fargo Center.

Finally, nine of the remaining 16 opponents for the Flyers made the playoffs last season. So, from the way it looks, you would think that considering the layout of their schedule the Flyers would probably have a difficult time making the playoffs this season, but the schedule has been very similar all season long. I wouldn’t sweat it, fans.

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