New York Rangers Would Be Crazy Not To Trade Ryan Callahan For Martin St. Louis, As Long As It's Okay With Tampa Bay Lightning

By Steven Carollo
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Over the past few days, pretty much since New York sports radio talk show host Boomer Esiason hinted at and then later confirmed, there have been numerous rumblings of a possible big deal going on between the New York Rangers and Tampa Bay Lightning that could go down sometime this week.

The big names that this trade would consist of is Rangers captain Ryan Callahan and Lightning captain Martin St. Louis. It is not everyday you would see a captain for captain swap, but I guess if this trade does go through, that would be the case.

From the Rangers’ aspect, this trade would have more positives than negatives. Yes, the Rangers would get older, as St. Louis is 38 while Callahan is 28, and lose their best penalty killer and captain, but in my opinion, that does not outweigh the positives. Unlike Callahan, St. Louis is a natural goal scorer, better and more consistent than Rick Nash, is a leader just as Callahan, and would cost the Rangers less money next season and in the long run.

Now, if you look right now, you will see that St. Louis makes more money than Callahan. So, what do I mean, you ask?

Well, the reason why the Rangers and GM Glen Sather are trading Callahan is because he is currently seeking a contract of seven years worth $7 million per year, while St. Louis is under contract for the next couple of years and at a lower price than what Callahan wants. Not to mention St. Louis will improve the Rangers’ power play even more, and his playmaking ability, knack for scoring, and smarts would make the Rangers’ offense that much better and possibly make them a dangerous team.

As for the Lightning and GM Steve Yzerman, I do not see why they would go through with this because it just does not make much sense. You can say I am being a pessimistic Rangers fan, but why would the Lightning trade their leading scorer and captain for a possible rental player in Callahan, and only Callahan at that?

Boomer might be 4-for-4 in his previous NHL predictions, but he said this particular trade would be a straight up deal and I am sorry, but there is no way that is happening. The Rangers are going to have to give up at least another player, preferably a prospect, and a draft pick or picks along with Callahan if the Rangers want St. Louis from the Lightning.

If though, by some miracle, the Lightning approve a 1-for-1 swap between St. Louis and Callahan, the Rangers would be absolutely crazy to pass that up. Unfortunately, the Lightning will just not let that happen and Boomer will find his perfect NHL streak at predicting snapped. There is just no way I can see this trade happening without the Rangers giving up more, which most likely would result in the deal falling through completely.

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