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NHL Trade Deadline: 5 Deals The Minnesota Wild Must Consider

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NHL Trade Deadline: 5 Deals The Minnesota Wild Must Consider

Timothy D. Ludwig-USA Today Sports

The Minnesota Wild through 59 games have a record of 31-21-7 and have a total 69 points. This is good enough for fourth place in the Central Division. The Wild, as of today, are set to make the playoffs as a wild card team. That being said, if the Wild are serious about making a splash in the post season they need to make a few trades at the deadline.

The Wild are in the market in for goalie, a defenseman and a scoring winger. Adding one of each or two out of three of these types of players might put them over the hump and give them a legitimate chance to advance far in the playoffs.

The most glaring need the Wild have is in net. Starting goalie Josh Harding is out indefinitely, and Nicholas Backstrom is too old to carry the work load alone. Ryan Miller is the best goalie on the market, but I don't think the Wild will risk trading for him and not being able to resign him. I think the Wild will be in the market for a veteran goalie to fill in for the time being.

After their goaltending woes comes the need for a scoring winger. Thomas Vanek is the biggest name on the trade market, but it wouldn't make sense for the Wild to trade for him. Vanek wants to come to Minnesota via free agency, and they would be foolish to trade valuable assets to gain his services when they can sign him in the summer for nothing. That being said, the Wild could look to other forward options on the market that could come at a cheaper price.

Here are five players the Wild should consider trading in order to fill the voids on their roster and make them a legitimate contender. As talented as Minnesota is, the division they play in is too talented for them to remain stagnant at the trade deadline.

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5. Trade Dany Heatley

Brace Hammelgarn-USA Today Sports

Dany Heatley is still a capable forward despite being 33, but it is time for a change of scenery. Heatley has struggled since being traded to Minnesota, and is making over five million dollars a year. If the Wild want to be players come March 5, it would be wise for them to get rid of Heatley and his big contract. Teams will be interested in Heatley because he has a solid NHL pedigree as a scorer. The Wild could probably get an above-average defensemen for him or a second-round draft pick depending on what was on the table.

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4. Trade for Bryce Salvador

Jerome Miron - USA Today Sports

The New Jersey Devils will be sellers at the trade deadline, and it would be wise of the Wild to consider making a trade for Bryce Salvador. Salvador is the captain of the Devils, and is a solid defensive defenseman. The Devils have depth on the blue line and will be looking to add draft picks to get younger next season. Salvador can be had for a second and a fourth round pick, which is a price worth paying for the Wild. Salvador would bring a great and veteran presence to the team that is truly missing it.

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3. Martin Brodeur

Jerome Miron-USA Today

The Devils might not ever trade Martin Brodeur but I think they should. Corey Schneider is their goalie of the future, and the time split it is not working out. The Devils could trade Marty to the Wild and send this message to Schneider that he is their guy. Brodeur still can be a solid backup and would fill in perfectly for the injured Josh Harding. The Wild would have to move a solid prospect for Brodeur, and possibly a mid-level pick as well. The Wild have the depth in their farm system to make this move and it could make a huge difference. Brodeur is a clutch netminder that can steal games in the playoffs for the Wild if he has to.

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2. Andrew MacDonald

Joe Camporeale-USA Today Sports

New York Islanders defensemen Andrew MacDonald is the best defensive player on the market in terms of salary and skill. MacDonald can log big minutes for the Wild and help them out on their powerplay for practically no money. The Wild do have some cap restrictions and if they are unable to free up some space, MacDonald could be a wise move for them. The Islanders want a first-round pick for MacDonald, and I think the Wild would be wise to give it to them. MacDonald would make an immediate impact on the blue line for the Wild.

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1. Matt Moulson

Timothy D. Ludwig-USA Today Sports

Matt Moulson is the second-best forward on the market behind Thomas Vanek. The Wild need a scorer to add to their roster, and Moulson makes the most sense for a few reasons. Moulson's salary is reasonable, and he is a high-character guy. Moulson is a great player on the powerplay and has an act for getting to the net and scoring. Moulson will not come cheap and there will be a ton of offers for him. The Wild will have to trade a first and second round pick for Moulson, and maybe even a prospect as well. Moulson is a 30-goal scorer in the NHL, so there is no question that he is worth it for the Wild.