New York Rangers Wise to Resign Dan Girardi Before Trade Deadline

By Casey Drottar
Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

It seems like the New York Rangers are nothing but bogged in contract talks these days. In terms of captain Ryan Callahan, things have gone from “trying to resign” to “as good as gone” in a matter of weeks. However, while Callahan’s time with the Rangers may be coming to a close soon, the team was able to successfully resign another one of their own.

Defenseman Dan Girardi was in the final year of his contract, so naturally his name was being tossed around the rumor mill as the March 5 NHL trade deadline came near. However, his name was withdrawn today, as the Rangers were able to resign the blue-liner to a new six year, $33 million deal.

Considering Callahan is trying to net himself up to $49 million, it’s no surprise New York was more than willing to work with Girardi instead of their captain. In doing so before the deadline, the Rangers made a solid move today.

Obviously, if March 5 had come and gone, and Girardi was neither traded nor resigned, it didn’t eliminate the possibility of him sticking with the Rangers. It also opened up the door to him leaving for nothing in the offseason. There was always a chance that a desperate team came out of the woodwork this summer and offered him way more than he’s worth. It happens practically every offseason, and it wouldn’t shock anyone if it had happened with Girardi this year.

This just reinforced the need for New York to figure out what the plan was for Girardi sooner rather than later. If they couldn’t resign him by March 5, or at the very least get close enough on terms that they felt they’d eventually be able to ink a deal, a trade needed to be considered.

Of course, Girardi wouldn’t have netted the same type of returns that Callahan might. He’s a solid veteran defenseman, nothing more, nothing less. This doesn’t mean teams wouldn’t have been willing to trade for him. He’d fit in well with any club looking for an experienced blue-liner to plug in and help a playoff push. The Rangers could’ve definitely grabbed themselves a prospect, a draft pick or both if they ended up dealing Girardi.

At the end of the day, the team needed to be sure they knew how this all was going to play out before next Wednesday. Things change daily in this league, and if Girardi didn’t get traded, but also had a change of heart as far as wanting to resign with the Rangers, New York could’ve ended up watching him leave without getting anything in return. Instead, all curve balls were avoided, and the Rangers now have one less contract to worry about.

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