A Look Back On the Philadelphia Flyers' Vincent Lecavalier's 900 Points

By Steven Smith
Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports

The Philadelphia Flyers rallied back for a gigantic victory over the Washington Capitals earlier this afternoon. It was their second victory against a divisional opponent in as many days. It wasn’t pretty by any means at all, but than again, overtime wins never are. However, Philly was able to receive a little luck from one of the more unlikeliest of players.

Vincent Lecavalier is a guy who has seen his numbers drop drastically over the past few seasons, but as short as a handful of seasons ago, him scoring in the clutch was anything but surprising. The goal that ended up being his 14th on the season also ended up being the 900th point on his career, so it got me thinking of a few things. Let’s take a look back at his numbers and see where the 900 came from, shall we?

It took Lecavalier a total of 1,086 games to score the 900 points. Of those games, 543 of them were in a home uniform and 543 were on the road.

Lecavalier is a mere three goals away from 400 on his career, a feat he could very well reach this season. Most of his goals have come on Saturday’s (95). Through his career, he has only scored 30 times on a Sunday, the fewest for any day out of the week. It’s also fitting that he scored today seeing how March is the month he has scored the most goals in throughout his career (73).

735 points have come against conference opponents with 297 of those coming against divisional foes. The fewest amount of games he has played one team is two and that, of course, is against his old club, the Tampa Bay Lightning. He does have a goal against them in case you were wondering. He murders the Carolina Hurricanes. In 83 career games against the Canes he has 78 points. Both are highs against one club.

The Phoenix Coyotes however, have fallen victim to Lecavalier more frequently than any other team he has payed against. He’s averaged 1.15 points per game against them over the course of his career.

So, as you can see, Lecavalier’s career has been anything but stationary. He’s been all over the map and has proved at all points that he is indeed one of the best players to play in this generation of NHL hockey.

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