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Washington Capitals Will Never Win A Stanley Cup With Alexander Ovechkin

Alexander Ovechkin

Evan Habeeb-USA TODAY Sports

There is no questioning that the Washington Capitals have the best goal scorer in the world in Alexander Ovechkin. He does things on offense that very few players could ever do, and opposing teams specifically prepare their penalty kill for Ovechkin. But the Capitals will never win a Stanley Cup with Ovechkin as their best player.

Ovechkin can score and that’s about it. If you watched today’s game between the Capitals and the Philadelphia Flyers, you probably saw Ovechkin ripping shots at Flyers goalie Steve Mason. What you didn’t see was him playing defense, forechecking or making his teammates better.

Capitals head coach Adam Oates should never have Ovechkin on the ice at the end of a game when his team has the lead; he is a liability in his own zone. He stops moving his feet and gets mesmerized by the puck. On the Flyers’ tying goal, Ovechkin had a chance to deflect a pass and get the puck out of his own zone. A pass and a shot later, the game was tied, and the Flyers would eventually win the game in overtime.

These are plays that great players make to lead their team. Sidney Crosby makes the little plays and brings it every night. All Ovechkin does is shoot and score; he brings nothing else to the table. He will never surpass Crosby as the best in the league, and he will never win a Stanley Cup.

Clearly, Capitals fans will disagree with my statement, but it is the truth. Until Ovechkin realizes there is more to hockey than scoring, he will never win a Stanley Cup.