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5 Harsh Truths Carolina Hurricanes Need To Realize At NHL Trade Deadline

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NHL Trade Deadline: 5 Harsh Truths Carolina Hurricanes Need To Realize

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With the NHL Trade Deadline almost hours away, the notoriously stagnant Carolina Hurricanes have a few things the management needs to come around to realizing.

It's nearly a sick and twisted tradition for Hurricanes GM and personified speed bump Jim Rutherford to either drag his feet on doing anything or when he does simply recycling players.

It seems every time a big trade is announced, Rutherford is either bringing back a 'fan favorite' or someone who had no business in a Hurricanes sweater to begin with and needed to stay traded. Case in point; Erik Cole and Joe Corvo.

The current season has been nothing short of a fiasco, but it is far from impossible to salvage. A Metropolitan Division playoff spot is within reach -- should Rutherford and head coach Kirk Muller decide this is a thing they'd like to strive for. 'Taking it as it comes' stopped being an option a month ago.

Teams are making moves, and with Rutherford admitting Monday morning that his "phone has been ringing," there's hopes the Hurricanes might actually do some themselves and turn the season around.

Before that happens, here are things the Hurricanes need to go ahead and be okay with.

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5. Cam Ward Needs To Go

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Nobody is denying the role Cam Ward has played in the organization's history. However, he can only bank on that Conn Smythe Trophy for so long.

Ward has long ago proven he is unreliable, and that roster spot could be used for someone more effective. No matter how popular with casual fans he might be, it's time for Ward to waive his NTC and ramble on.

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4. Pat Dwyer Is Excellent Trade Bait

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While still a great player, putting Pat Dwyer out there could lure someone like David Legwand -- who reportedly wants to be shipped away from the Nashville Predators anyway.

Dwyer is more useful as a worm on a hook than he is on the Hurricanes' bench.

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3. The Buffalo Sabres May Be About To Hold A Fire Sale

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They just shipped Ryan Miller and Steve Ott out of there and then turned around and accepted Pat LaFontaine's resignation. A lot of signs are pointing to the Buffalo Sabres gearing up for the type of housecleaning the Hurricanes need to think about.

Rutherford would be wise to keep Buffalo on speed dial. There may be bargains to be had.

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2. Discussing Ray Whitney Is A Waste Of Time

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The Hurricanes recycle players like they were soda cans.

Ray Whitney is more than likely going to retire at the end of the season. Yet for some reason, his name has been brought up on more than one occasion in Hurricanes trade rumors this season -- including this week. No matter his history in Carolina, to even think about this trade is insulting to Whitney and to the fans.

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1. Jay Harrison Has Overstayed His Welcome

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Brutal honesty -- if Jay Harrison was going to break out, he'd have done it by now.

At this point, his random flashes of competency are not worth the roster spot that could be occupied by someone of value, like Sam Gagner from the Edmonton Oilers.

If the Hurricanes weren't mid-implosion, Harrison could stay. Right now, he's ballast that needs to go overboard.