Chicago Blackhawks Wasted Brandon Pirri's Potential

By Paul Chancey
Brandon Pirri
Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

Brandon Pirri‘s supporters are not happy with the news. The Chicago Blackhawks traded him to the Florida Panthers for two draft picks in the third and fourth rounds of next year. To be honest, frank and perfectly clear, while we saw this coming, this does not make the news any better. The fact of the matter is, the organization completely and 100 percent failed to give Pirri even so much as a decent chance to make a name for himself.

If we’re going with names, head coach Joel Quenneville is first on the list. Quenneville has praised Pirri multiple times, but it only seemed like lip service instead of actual praise. Quenneville had multiple chances to give Pirri some breathing room and a chance to prove himself on the big stage, but in the end, his constant demotions of Pirri only hampered the young center’s development.

Quenneville mentioned that Pirri was not developing as a two-way center, but his offensive numbers should have been more than enough. Had he been paired with defensively-skilled wingers, he could have developed his defense better.

Second name to blame? Stan Bowman. Again, Bowman has praised Pirri and has generally done a good job, but it seems his fixation was elsewhere too much to properly focus on Pirri. Yes, the team should focus on the prospects who have been waiting for their chance for far too long. This treatment is why Pirri asked for a trade a few weeks ago. It seems as if not even an AHL All-Star Classic MVP award was not enough.

Sadly, it seems as if there was another insult for Pirri supporters. Instead of trading for one of Florida’s better players, they got two draft picks instead. If Pirri, a top scorer in his own right, is treated this way by the Hawks, I can only fear for the likes of Jeremy Morin, Kevin Hayes and Ryan Hartman. Of course, I might be making too much of a big deal out of this, but I still feel that Pirri could have made a big impact if he was given the opportunity to grow.

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