15 Frightening NHL Players You’d Hate to Meet in a Dark Alley

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15 Scary NHL Players You'd Hate to Meet in a Dark Alley

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So you are walking down a dark alley. As you approach the end of it, you see someone standing there. They aren't exactly eclipsing the moon with their size, but they are standing there just starring at you. You stop dead in your tracks and they say “Do you wanna go?” You aren't sure why they are standing there with gloves on, but after you acknowledge the question; they throw them to the ground and start toward you.

Unlike the NFL, MLB and NBA, fighting is a part of the game in the NHL. Hockey boasts some of the toughest athletes in all of sports. Some are paid just to be the guy that comes out and fights with other players. You can make a pretty good living doing that. Just ask some of the great agitators who spent years doing it like Tie Domi, Dale Hunter, Rob Ray, etc. Imposing fear is their job. When they step on the ice, the other players take notice and wonder if it going to be their turn or not.

Much like the list of the “15 Scary NFL Players You'd Not Want to Meet in a Dark Alley,” This is the list of the NHL players who you wouldn't want to meet. One of the main differences between the two is the fact that fighting is legal in hockey. We can see on a nightly basis how tough and rugged some of these guys are, whereas the other sports you can't. It is all based on visual tests and speculation.

Hockey players are nowhere near as visually intimidating as football players are. There is no comparing the two when it comes to the toughness department though. Not many football players would get hit in the mouth and then be seen on the bench pulling their own tooth out. You wouldn't see football players get hit in the face with a stick and then complain there wasn't any blood. It takes a special breed to be a hockey player.

This is a list compiled of current players in the NHL and is meant for entertainment purposes only.

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15. Luke Gazdic, Edmonton Oilers

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It is hard to imagine being intimidated by a guy who has a little over 50 games under his belt in the NHL. Luke Gazdic is a big guy at 6-foot-4 and comes in around 240 pounds. He is young and is still learning his way around his body. As I mentioned, hockey players don't have much fear to begin with, but when you add size, it makes them all the more dangerous. The role of enforcer is making its way out of the NHL, so there is no telling how long he will be a force in this league, but for those unfamiliar, keep an eye on him.

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14. Chris Thorburn, Winnipeg Jets

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As you can tell by the photo, Chris Thorburn can punish you in more ways than one. He can slam you into the boards making you wish you listened to your mother when you were younger to take up bowling instead. He has been playing in the NHL for many years and has over 500 games to his credit. He also carries around over 600 penalty minutes. He may not be able to remember every single fight or check he has been a part of, but if you were smart, you would give him the right of way and head down a different dark alley.

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13. Frazer McLaren, Toronto Maple Leafs

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Frazer McLaren isn't the only Toronto Maple Leaf to make this list. McLaren has played for a couple of different teams so far in his career leaving his mark with each. In 101 NHL games he has amassed over 250 penalty minutes. It doesn't take much for him to want to go fist-to-cuffs and if you were smart, you would learn so you don't have to find out the hard way. Frazer comes to Toronto by way of Vancouver and multiple years in the American Hockey League.

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12. Krys Barch, Florida Panthers

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Basking in the warmth of the warm Florida sun during the grueling months of winter isn't the only thing our next participant enjoys. Inflicting pain is the other. Krys Barch was a former fourth-round pick of the Washington Capitals back in 1998. Since then he has played for different teams each with the same result. In 363 games he has nearly 800 penalty minutes. He has decent size, but as you will find out it really doesn't matter for some of these guys. They would take on a skyscraper if means the team will start playing better.

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11. John Scott, Buffalo Sabres

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If you are on the ice when you play the Buffalo Sabres, and John Scott lines up against you, it may be a good idea to compliment him on something or your time will be up. It doesn't matter if you are a goalie, a fringe NHL player or a superstar. If he wants a piece of you, he is going to take it and there is nothing you can do other than wish the time away until it is over. As is the case with most of these guys, they are probably tremendous family men and friends, but for the sake of this, you may want to steer clear.

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10. B.J. Crombeen, Tampa Bay Lightning

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B.J. Crombeen has been the thorn on opposing players side for parts of eight seasons. With over 750 penalty minutes in over 375 games, Crombeen knows how to work things out alone while sitting in the penalty box. Doesn't mean he will apply what he has learned or feel bad about it. Crombeen has played for three different NHL teams in his career and is currently on the Tampa Bay Lightning. In the 2009-10 season, he had a career high 168 penalty minutes for the season.

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9. Ryan Reaves, St. Louis Blues

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Ryan Reaves is still getting his feet wet in the NHL, but is making an instant impact. He is making a name for himself with over 360 penalty minutes in half the amount of games. It is a tough business being an enforcer and I am sure some would prefer the glory of being a superstar goal scorer, but I don't think that bothers Reaves all that much. The enforcer from Manitoba goes at 6-foot-1, but packs a much harder hit.

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8. Derek Dorsett, New York Rangers

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Playing for the New York Rangers now after being drafted by the Columbus Blue Jackets, Derek Dorsett is one of the toughest guys playing in the NHL today. With over 800 penalty minutes, you can just tell that he has no qualms with mixing it up with anyone. Dorsett was acquired by the Rangers when they sent top-flight goal scorer Marian Gaborik to the Blue Jackets. That is how important his role is with a club. Playing in Ohio or New York doesn't matter too much to this guy. He has a job to do and he goes out and does it.

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7. Rich Clune, Nashville Predators

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The lone player from the Music City. Richard Clune has played in only 100 games, but has become a household name in the enforcer world already. Originally drafted by the Dallas Stars in 2005, the Nashville Predators struck gold with this enforcer picking him up off waivers. How dangerous can a player be when he has a chip on his shoulder and isn't afraid to mix it up with anyone?

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6. Dan Carcillo, New York Rangers

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Dan Carcillo is a guy that has been around. Playing for five different NHL teams, Carcillo has over 1100 penalty minutes. Seems like he gets more time in the penalty box, then he gets out on the ice. He is a true heavyweight in terms of enforcers. He looks pretty friendly off the ice, but is completely different on the ice. He is one of only a handful of players who has had over 300 penalty minutes in one season. That came back in 2007-08 when he was a part of the Phoenix Coyotes.

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5. George Parros, Montreal Canadiens

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In the same company as Carcillo, but with way better facial hair comes George Parros. He has played for five teams in the NHL and has over 1,000 penalty minutes. The 6-foot-5 Pennsylvanian scares people. He doesn't spend as much time in the penalty box as some of the others on this list, but still does enough for me to not want to meet up with him in an ally for anything other than getting his autograph.

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4. Zack Kassian, Vancouver Canucks

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Don't let the cute little innocent baby face fool you. Zack Kassian is a heavy-hitter. He can do it with his stick, his fist or the rest of his body. He backs down from nobody and has suspensions to prove it. Playing for his second NHL franchise, Kassian is enjoying his most penalized season so far. He is one of the most prolific scorers on this list although that isn't saying much. He is a fun exciting player to watch. The kind that you love having as a teammate, but hate playing against.

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3. Colton Orr, Toronto Maple Leafs

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We are getting close to the end of the list. The second Toronto Maple Leaf who I would hate to meet in a dark alley is Colton Orr. He has terrorized many skaters in the league and has welcomed them with his fists. Orr isn't a stranger to the penalty box as he is another one on the list with over 1,000. He has been in the league for 11 years and is showing not many signs of slowing down. He is of average size in height only. He has cinder blocks for hands and there are many an eye or cheek on the face of opposing players that would agree.

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2. Tom Sestito, Vancouver Canucks

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There are only a couple of players that have more fighting majors in the NHL the last two season than Tom Sestito. He may not have much NHL experience under his belt, but he is making a name for himself. Playing for the Vancouver Canucks, Sestito is mean. He has a pretty face, but don't let that fool you. Pairing him up with teammate Zack Kassian could really unleash some pain. When you see that they are coming to your town, you should suddenly come up with a mysterious upper body injury or they will help you get one.

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1. Zdeno Chara, Boston Bruins

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In the infamous words of Ivan Drago in Rocky IV, "I must break you." That is the only thing that comes to mind when this freak of nature steps out onto the ice. At 6-foot-9, Zdeno Chara is the tallest person currently in the NHL. Just the sight of him can strain your neck trying to see the top of his head. He has 100-mph slap shot and just punishes people. There is not much that you can do to rattle this guy and that is why he is No. 1 on this list.