Brandon Bollig Earned His Contract Extension From Chicago Blackhawks

By Paul Chancey
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Brandon Bollig has been having a pretty good year so far. While not known for his offense, the Chicago Blackhawks enforcer has stepped up his game and made a name for himself this season. The St. Charles, MO native has scored six goals and six assists for a total of 12 points this season. His size and skating ability make him an important member of the team, and thanks to all that, he got a three-year, $1.25 million extension from the Hawks. Twitter rejoiced with hate.

Wait, WHAT!?

Yes, apparently Bollig’s haters came out of the woodwork rather quickly. It seems as if a few fans were not happy with a role player getting that kind of extension instead of someone else. But this is not something fans should get angry about. Indeed, Bollig is mainly a fourth-line winger, but he’s a good one. As mentioned earlier, he was working on his offensive skills and he can actually skate. In addition, general manager Stan Bowman likes Bollig, and said he was an important cog in the machine.

Of course, with the trade of Brandon Pirri a fresh and still painful memory, it’s likely some of these fans were simply upset that Bollig gets a chance instead of some well-deserving prospects. These critics do have a point. The Hawks organization still has yet to really give their youngsters a chance. However, instead of aiming the hate at Bollig, they should be questioning why the team is holding on to Michal Handzus, who has not been himself this year. But there is a certain Finnish forward who has the opportunity to join the team this year.

Bollig is an important member of this team. No, he’s not as skilled as Patrick Kane (did you see that puck-handling video he made?), but that doesn’t diminish his importance. He might not be making noise with his fists as much as he used to, but he’s a big physical presence who has an excellent work ethic. Oh, and yeah, he can skate and shoot. The fact of the matter is, he earned this contract extension.

If you have any complaints about Bollig’s re-signing, save it. There are better times to complain when an undeserving Blackhawk gets a contract extension; Bollig is not one of them. The Hawks are fortunate to have him, especially now that they’ve locked him up.

Who knows? He might be this year’s Dustin Byfuglien/Bryan Bickell once the playoffs start.

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