Martin Brodeur Staying With New Jersey Devils Is Right Choice

By Nick Villano
Ed Mulholland-USA TODAY Sports

The New Jersey Devils had a quiet day on the trade deadline, but the days coming up to it were all but quiet with rumors swirling that goaltender Martin Brodeur was spending his final days in a Devils uniform. Fans were counting the teams off the list one by one the past 24 hours. When Ilya Bryzgalov went to the Minnesota Wild, the Devils fans knew that one team with interest was now out of the race. When Devan Dubnyk went to the Montreal Canadiens, that was another team fans didn’t have to worry about.

All in all, ten goalies were dealt on Mar. 4 and 5. Brodeur wasn’t one of them. That is the best possible situation for everyone, even if it doesn’t feel that way right now.

Brodeur has spent the past 21 seasons with the Devils organization; he knows nothing else. The saying goes “the grass is always greener on the other side.” This seemed like it was Brodeur’s mindset over the last week. Now that they don’t have to worry about the deadline hanging over the team’s head, they can get back to business.

If Brodeur plays well down the stretch, then he will get as much playing time with the Devils that he would with anyone else. On top of that, he doesn’t have to have that final season in another uniform on his career resume. It didn’t work for Mike Modano. It doesn’t look right to see him in a Detroit Red Wings uniform. That is how it would look if Brodeur were to wear something besides red and black.

The possibility is still there to see him in another team’s uniform. Brodeur has said he may want to play in the 2014-15 season, but the Devils will most likely move on 100 percent with Cory Schneider, leaving no room for him. That decision will come later, however.

Lou Lamoriello made the right choice by holding onto Brodeur. If he trades him, then the organization can look like the bad guy. Ending the tenure of the greatest player in your organization’s history is never going to look good no matter what situation he was put in. Now he can go on knowing that he did what he could to let him retire with the same franchise that drafted him.

Nobody will ever truly know what the market was like for Brodeur, but with double digit goalies moving this week there was definitely a supply of goalies on other teams. It didn’t seem like the return was worth it for Lou to pull the trigger. It isn’t worth trading Brodeur for something that wasn’t going to help the team in the race to the playoffs.  For that reason, it was smart to hold onto him.

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