Claude Giroux Making The Most Of His Ice Time For Philadelphia Flyers

By Steven Smith
Eric Hartine-USA TODAY Sports

Hockey is without question one of the most grueling sports there is. Think about it. In baseball, players are standing around for most of the time. When it comes to football, you get a huddle break in between plays. Hockey, however, is ever-constant. Players are always moving in one way or another when the clock is ticking. I’m not trying to discredit other athletes who aren’t hockey players. After all, there are long intermissions between each period. But when the course of play is actually taking place, hockey players never stop.

One would think that players would be throwing up after every game, yes? Well, for some guys, it seems like the gas tank never runs out. For a guy like the Philadelphia FlyersClaude Giroux, he is proving just that; and in doing so, he’s showing off all his skills at the same time.

Giroux averages 25.4 shifts per game for the orange and black. That’s a decent amount, but it’s only good for 27th in the NHL. He has 64 point on the season. With that being said, those 26 guys ahead of him probably have more points, right? Guess again. Only Ryan Getzlaf has more points (68) than Giroux for players averaging at least 25 shifts per game.

Giroux has also managed to average 20 minutes and 32 seconds worth of ice time per game. Only four other players average more time on the ice and have more than 64 points.

We know how talented Giroux is offensively; it’s quite obvious.  I just thought it would be nice to highlight something else about the superstar’s game.

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