Gritty Philadelphia Flyers Almost Do It Again

By Bob Francis
Kimmo Timonen
Tom Szczerbowski-USA TODAY Sports

It’s been the story of the season for the Philadelphia Flyers. Playing against the Toronto Maple Leafs during Hockey Night in Canada was no different. The Flyers managed to get themselves behind the eight ball as they have done so many times this season, giving up two goals in a matter of minutes early in the first period.

Often times the storyline continues to be the same for Philadelphia from that point, but not this time. They once again were able to climb out of the hole and fight their way back into the game, not once but twice. Stellar goaltending by Steve Mason after the early hiccups made the difference and the offensive production from defenseman helped them to find a point in the standings.

But how many times can they continue to do it?

The Flyers continue to relish the role of the comeback, but the well has to be almost dry. With the playoffs just around the corner, and the Flyers continuing to fight for a spot, one has to believe that making things as difficult as they are will catch up sooner rather than later.

Philadelphia must learn to play differently or the playoff berth they are fighting so hard to achieve will be short lived. Fighting back night after night against the same team in a playoff series will surely not work out the same way as things have throughout the season.

The Flyers need to make a drastic change to their approach and put their best foot forward instead of always finding themselves behind. Philadelphia can be as dangerous a team as there will be in the playoffs, but figuring out the crutch of having to always come back is something they don’t want to have to count on day in and day out come the post season.

The Flyers continue to play with fire and the longer they do, the more chance they have of getting burned and being left on the outside looking in.

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