Boston Bruins Use Momentum To Overpower Florida Panthers

By Kevin Davidson
Boston Bruins
Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Being from Philadelphia, I have always had a soft spot for Boston. The two cities are strikingly similar in a lot of ways; both cities are extremely rude and are tough towns. Oh, and we both love hockey. Depending on who you talk to, Philadelphia could be a football town, baseball town, or hockey town.

In Boston, it is a hockey town. They pride themselves on that simple fact, and with the fact that the Boston Bruins are 41-17 going into today’s game against the Florida Panthers, they should. There was a definite momentum shift in the third period, and that proved to be the difference as they ended up beating the Panthers 5-2.

It is something that the Bruins have been perfecting as of late, running away with the momentum that is. It has to be one of the finer aspects of the sport and is usually looked over. The Bruins have a way of making big plays happen, which is nothing surprising, but they also have a way of keeping that momentum going.

They take the lead, and then they keep it. That simply cannot be taught and is usually a result of great communication between the team. The Bruins used that momentum in the third period, scoring four goals in that frame.

The team is seriously starting to blend together, and I think that is where the momentum comes in. It is not just one player out there making huge plays; it is multiple people stepping up and making it happen. It seems like the Bruins are just playing a huge game of one-upping the person before them, and I think that it is fantastic.

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