When Will Enough Be Enough For Carolina Hurricanes?

By Michael Peckerar
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While it is entirely too early to make any rubber stamp judgement on the season, the outlook for the Carolina Hurricanes is grim — at best.

After taking a stinger of a loss to the New York Rangers, followed with an almost-but-not loss to the New Jersey Devils, it’s looking more and more like the Hurricanes might not have what it takes to pull themselves out of this tailspin. Not helping matters is the uncertainty in the roster, starting with the goaltending.

There’s a list far too long to comprehend of things the Hurricanes need to fix, the “if only” paths to winning, or the “should-have” hindsight analysis. One can throw a dart at the Hurricanes’ dressing room, and it would more than likely land on something to fix: sagging offense from the third and fourth lines, bad defense, unreliable goaltending and horrendous front office decisions.

The only thing maybe going right is that the Hurricanes players have all been wearing the correct uniforms each night.

While its easy to sit back and point fingers while playing armchair coach, it’s nothing at all like being an actual coach. However, when the reactions to the current situation are as complacent and muted as they’ve been, it is cause for concern. When head coach Kirk Muller gives interviews and shrugs off losses, tries to pay compliments after truly awful performances, and is generally aloof about the whole thing — there’s a problem.

The same thing goes for the players. Why are more of them not giving frustrated interviews? Why is there not more drive to break out of this new skid? At what point is enough enough, when something has to happen?

While the Hurricanes prepare to crumble yet once more, the fans seem to be the only ones flipping tables and shouting at anyone, which is completely backwards from how it needs to be.

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