Is Inconsistency Putting A Playoff Spot Out Of Carolina Hurricanes' Reach?

By Michael Peckerar
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How many times this season have we seen the Carolina Hurricanes skid, then surge, only to skid again?

Carolina could still mathematically slide into the Wild Card spot out of the Metropolitan Division, but in all reality, it would be unwise to bank on that.

The sharp contrast between the loss to the Edmonton Oilers on Sunday, and the out-of-nowhere win over the Columbus Blue Jackets on Tuesday is too much to bear. It’s almost as if two separate teams had taken the ice in those games, which in and of itself is a cliche that is being typed by entirely too many writers entirely too many times this season.

This is a frustrating thing for anyone to deal with. How can the Hurricanes get manhandled by Edmonton on one night, and then put Vezina Trophy winning goalie Sergei Bobrovsky on the bench the next game? This is the problem. There is a complete lack of consistency from the team, and it’s nearly impossible to tack down from where it’s coming.

Is the issue with leadership? Possibly, but how much stock can you put into captain Eric Staal screaming profanities in the locker room or patting rookies on the rear? Not much. Furthermore, the one-star thing is pretty contradictory to what little team concept head coach Kirk Muller has going on.

Speaking of Muller, where does he get off yelling at the team after practice now? All of a sudden Monday morning, reports come out of Muller’s fiery rant after the morning skate. There’s zero rhyme or reason to that, other than to assert that he is scrambling to save his job, which if anyone in the organization has sense, he should be.

It’s becoming exceedingly hard to not throw in the towel on the season. Seeing the ups and downs pop up again, makes it hard to trust a win. With seven points between Carolina and Columbus in the Wild Card race, and the Hurricanes playing as inconsistently as they are, the towel throwers are entering their motion.

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