4 Seems To Be The Philadelphia Flyers' Lucky Number

By Steven Smith
Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports

It was business as usual for the Philadelphia Flyers last night at the Wells Fargo Center: Another game, another win. This time it was the Dallas Stars that fell victim to Philly’s ruthless efforts. The Flyers drowned Dallas in their own zone for most of the game en route to a 4-2 victory. Aside from being the number of goals the Flyers scored last night, four seems to be popping its head up a a lot lately for the orange and black; so often that it’s almost becoming a lucky omen for the Flyers.

Philly’s four-goal effort added to its current win streak of four games. Three of those four games saw the Flyers score exactly four goals. Of the 15 goals they’ve scored in the current streak, four of them were scored by Wayne Simmonds.

It’s also been noted that the Flyers are nearly unbeatable when scoring four goals or more. In doing just that this season, they’ve compiled a 24-0-2 record.

The measly number four is also going to have a huge impact when it comes to the Flyers’ remaining schedule. Of their remaining 13 games this season, four will be against Metropolitan Division foes. While playing in these 13 remaining games, Philly will aim to maintain the four point lead they currently have over the No. 9 seed Detroit Red Wings in hopes of making the playoffs.

All of this four talk is kind of spooky, but if you date back to the beginning of the season, it’s kind of been following them the whole way. The Flyers didn’t pick up their first win of the season until game No. 4. Thus far the Flyers have played four different teams at least four times. Four is also the number of shutouts Steve Mason has posted over the course of the season.

You pretty much get the point. The next time you go out gambling, make sure you put your money down on four. It’s worked for the Flyers. Why can’t it work for you?

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