Tyler Seguin Proving to Be an Excellent Acquisition for Dallas Stars

Tyler Seguin Dallas Stars

Jerome Miron – USA Today Sports

The Dallas Stars made a handful of moves during this past offseason as the organization wanted to return to the postseason for the first time in the last five years. While it remains to be seen if Dallas will complete the goal of making the playoffs, there’s little doubt that the team is also lying down the basis so the team can have a sustained success sooner rather than later.

Among the moves made, one that generated skepticism was the acquisition of Tyler Seguin, who arrived from the Boston Bruins on the trade that sent Loui Eriksson to the reigning Eastern Conference champions. Fast forward to March 2014 and Seguin has proved to be the team’s most dominant player on both ends of the ice.

His leadership skills – sometimes he looks like a veteran managing the offense – and the impact he has generated on the stat-sheet has been noticeable and he made his presence felt once again in Saturday’s game against the Ottawa Senators. Coming after two ugly losses against the Winnipeg Jets and Pittsburgh Penguins, many doubted the team’s chances of making the playoffs as they appeared to be choking right when they had no margin for error.

Seguin’s answer was simply magnificent and he came through right when his team needed him the most. After a lackluster performance in the first period, the 21-year-old came out firing in the second and generated plenty of chances in the power play before appearing in the final 20 minutes with a great assist, setting up Dallas’ third goal in a contest that proved to be tougher than advertised.

The Stars ended up getting a huge win and Seguin extended his point-streak to eight games. Dallas might not make the playoffs once the regular season is over, but it’s undeniable that they have one of the cornerstones of the future with the acquisition of Seguin. He has been better than expected and with plenty of room to continue improving, he has all the tools to be a key player for the franchise during the next decade or so.

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  • bobcollum

    It’s funny that you see so many people still insisting the B’s screwed themselves letting him go. Individual stats and watching an electric player is fun and all, but in the end Boston is a favorite to make it to the Finals and Dallas is struggling to make the playoffs.

    Best ‘screw job’ I’ve ever had the pleasure to watch.

    • alex

      Another ignorant bruins fan, do you really think one player makes a team a cup contender? Seguin is a #1 center, one 15 teams in the league would KILL for. Where are all the Bruins fans saying how he’s not a center? Oh wait, he proved them wrong. You went to the finals last year, no one expected your team to fail without Seguin but in the end Dallas got more out of the trade for their team. Keep convincing yourself that you don’t miss his scoring touch once your older players start to retire.

      • bobcollum

        He was drafted as a center, that was always his natural position. He willingly went to the wing since we already had 4 established lines with 4 centers…who ever said he wasn’t naturally a center?

        Bergeron is 28, Lucic is 25, Krejci is 27, Marchand is 25, Eriksson is 28, Smith is 22….so what are talking about, in 8 to 10 years minimum till these guys start retiring? How can you be sure Seguin will still be there, or for that matter, will ever lead your team to the promised land? How’s he helping Dallas’ playoff hopes now? Barely clinging to playoff life isn’t something to brag about.

        One player certainly doesn’t make a team, but this year’s Bruins are a better team with the added pieces of the trade, minus Seguin, and Eriksson is really only just finding his groove…on the third line.

        I’m not one of these bitter fans that hopes he fails, I hope he does well and as originally stated, I miss seeing his highlights. But being that the B’s are more important to me, I’m loving the results of this trade, we’re not lacking in any of the areas Seguin would add to, check some numbers.

        • Aaron Bunch

          You cant focus on Seguin as the only player on that team. Be like saying if Boston was in the same situation, that Bergeron cant carry them to the playoffs. He isnt the only player on that team. The two situations are different. Boston as a team is overall better. Dallas has a D corps that needs a lot of work and some of the guys are younger. The Stars, also, dont have a true second line center that can score yet. Plus the secondary scoring is almost nonexsistant. Seguin and Benn are in the top in the moment, but then there is a steep drop off in team scoring. Seguin, to his credit, is having his best season as a pro points wise. He is working his butt on the defensive end, and in the faceoff circle. Most of the Stars core are few years younger than the Bruins and are looking for some of their kids to come up and take NHL spots. Nothing agaisnt Boston at all. I have a lot of respect for the players and Jullien at the very least. I just dont understand all the we dont need Seguin sentiment. Just about any NHL team would kill for a 22 year old center with his talent, and is learning. Who knows how it will play out in the end. Maybe he tops put this year and doesnt do anything else, but since he has been here. He seems like a guy that is going to work his ass off to get better. Despite what the Bruins brass decided to feed to to everyone.