Michal Neuvirth Brings Bad Mojo To Buffalo Sabres

By Tyler Scales
Getty Images

Life is full of interesting ordeals. While many of those ordeals can be troublesome, drama is likely the one of the worst stigmas to carry with you. That is what may have followed Michal Neuvirth to the Buffalo Sabres.

During his time with the Washington Capitals, Neuvirth was known to be the bearer of unfortunate circumstances. This all came to a culmination in November of 2013. While he was attempting to enter the ice for pre-game warm-ups, he stepped on a puck and sustained a lower body injury.

That injury sent the Capitals into a confusing spiral of decisions that featured three goalies attempting to all have a roster spot for a position that classically only allows for two spots. This lasted for quite some time, as many questioned when Neuvirth would be back from injury, what Capitals head coach Adam Oates would do when Neuvirth did come back from injury and who, if anyone, would be sent down to the AHL.

Upon his trade to the Sabres, Neuvirth was looking to begin anew. With things looking up between a change of scenery and a strong couple of starts, it was beginning to look as if that drama would be left in the nation’s capital. That is, until he woke up the morning following his second start with a lower body injury.

While that was bad enough, Sabres starting goalie Jhonas Enroth wound up with an injury shortly thereafter. Now, with both starting goalies injured, the Sabres have been looking to the AHL in search of a replacement.

Matt Hackett had a strong debut for the Sabres in an emergency relief situation. Winning the game 3-1 against Edmonton while posting a stat-line of .972 SV percent, 1.00 GAA will definitely strengthen his standing with the Sabres’ front office. This could spell trouble for the team as a whole, however.

In what could very likely wind up being yet another three goalie situation surrounding Neuvirth, one has to beg the question, is it all just a coincidence, or does Neuvirth really have that bad mojo?

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