Scoring First is Key to Making it Back-to-Back Wins for Buffalo Sabres

By Tyler Scales
Getty Images

As the Buffalo Sabres make their way to Rogers Arena to take on the Vancouver Canucks, they have one thing on their mind — making it back-to-back wins in order to start the final stages of the season off right.

This task will prove to be difficult for the Sabres, as they have only pieced together three multi-game win streaks so far this season. In addition, they are only 2-8-0 in their last 10. So, if they intend on making their fourth winning streak of the season, they will need to focus on the Canucks main weakness.

While it is important to be first on the board in any game, it is even more so against the Canucks. In four of their last five losses, the Canucks surrendered the first goal of the game. While this is an obvious weakness for the Canucks, scoring the first goal is a major weakness for the Sabres.

Having only scored the first goal of the game twice in their last five games, the Sabres will have a tough test in front of them. In order to ensure they break open the scoring, the Sabres will need to play with an educated game plan, including smart short passes and attacking the opposing goal with ruthless aggression.

If the Sabres can manage the first tally, their chances of victory are greatly increased. Securing the victory here would be huge for the Sabres, as it would be a confidence boost heading into the final stages of the season. For a struggling team, it is pivotal to pick up little confidence boosts along the way, and this is the perfect opportunity to do just that.

Only one question remains — can the Sabres lock up the opening goal and ride it on their way to the second half of back-to-back victories?

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