Evaluating The Philadelphia Flyers' Current NHL Playoff Chances

By Steven Smith
Anthony Gruppuso-USA TODAY Sports

The Philadelphia Flyers suffered a consecutive loss last night to the hands of the New York Rangers. As important as the game was to try and pick up a win, the orange and black aren’t in the dooming conundrum many people think they are. They still have a three-point lead over both wild card teams and the third place Columbus Blue Jackets. What’s that? You say they still have to play the Boston Bruins twice and the St. Louis Blues again? Well, believe it or not, their schedule isn’t nearly as difficult compared to the teams chasing them. Let’s take an inside look at the Flyers’ playoff chances.

We’ll set the cutoff line at the New Jersey Devils, meaning at this point in the season, besides the Devils, only the Toronto Maple Leafs and Washington Capitals have a chance to make the playoffs. Just to prove the probability of the Flyers making the playoffs even more, throw in the Detroit Red Wings and Blue Jackets.

Of those six teams,  Philadelphia has the second easiest schedule from here on out, despite those few games against some rather colossal opponents. Only the Devils have an easier schedule. The combined win percentage for Philly’s remaining opponents is .455. For the Devils, it’s set at a lousy .433. The Devils may have the easiest schedule, but they’re five points behind the Wings and Jackets for the final two playoff spots. They would need a ton of help if they want to sneak in.

The Red Wings could very well see themselves out of the playoff picture, as they have the hardest schedule remaining with their opponents combining for a .535 win percentage. A Wings departure means the Leafs or Caps could get in. However, both are still only a small threat to the Flyers. Not only does Philly have the three-point lead over both teams, but Philly has a chance to make up more ground. This can be applied to the Rangers as well.

Philadelphia still has 10 games left to play this season, but Toronto and New York only have eight. Technically the Flyers still have a chance to catch the Rangers and retake second place. Washington has only nine games left, so again, another advantage to Philly.

Despite the scoreboard looking dull as of late for the Flyers, the standings still look bright. According to sportsclubstats.com, Philadelphia has a 92.9 percent chance in making the playoffs. The next closest team in the east is Columbus, but they’re all the way back a 71.3 percent.

There’s still plenty of hope Flyers fans. Don’t hit the panic button just yet.

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