Boston Bruins Show Diversity Against Philadelphia Flyers

By Tyler Scales
Photo by Joel Auerbach/Getty Images

Coming off a hard fought victory over the Washington Capitals in the nation’s capital yesterday, the Boston Bruins made their way to Philadelphia for a game against the Philadelphia Flyers. Despite having every reason to be tired, the Bruins showed up and took care of business as they have done all season long.

While coming in and defeating the Flyers on their home ice is impressive enough, doing so under adverse conditions is even more so. Not only that, but the way they beat the Flyers was incredibly impressive as it was so much different from how they defeated the Capitals the day before.

In their game against the Capitals, the Bruins allowed their opponent to be the more aggressive side. They took advantage of that aggressiveness as they loaded the net with pucks and fancy-dazzled their way down the ice on breakaways. This strategy allowed the Bruins to secure the victory against a red-hot Capitals squad.

Knowing that allowing the Flyers to be the more aggressive side would only work against them, the Bruins came into their game in Philadelphia with a hit-for-hit game plan. Despite being in stark contrast to how the Bruins played the Capitals, they executed the adjusted strategy to perfection as they handed the Flyers a regulation defeat.

Having the ability to play back-to-back grueling battles and walk away with a combined four points, the Bruins show exactly what they are capable of. While this sort of stamina is highly important in the playoffs, what is arguably even more important is the ability to be diverse and adaptable. This is exactly what the Bruins have shown over the past two games as they played to their opponents’ weaknesses and walked away with the victory due to it. Expect the Bruins to make quite the splash this postseason.

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