New Jersey Devils: How Much Will Jaromir Jagr Command In 2014 Offseason?

By Nick Villano
Jaromir Jagr New Jersey Devils
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Veteran winger Jaromir Jagr has undoubtedly been the New Jersey Devils‘ MVP this season.  Without him, the team could be closer to the New York Islanders than they are to a playoff spot.

Jagr has said that he would like to come back for at least another season. The Devils should definitely be interested in the 42-year-old winger. He has already told the media that the only place he wants to play in is New Jersey. So what is Jagr going to want from the Devils?

The money will depend on whether he wants multiple years or not. He has played on one-year deals since he came back from the KHL. If he is okay with playing on those same deals to end his career, then he could be asking for more money per year.

He played this season on a contract that guaranteed him $2 million, but ended up paying him $4 million after he hit his GP incentive. He has definitely earned a raise. Will Devils GM Lou Lamoriello try and play hardball knowing that Jagr said he only wants to play for the Devils, or will he reward him for the great season he had?

There are many angles to look at Jagr’s value from. He has been great in the Pete DeBoer system, which is important if they decide to keep the coach. He has helped Travis Zajac get back on track as a legit first-line center. He has been a great locker room presence for the team all season, despite it being mostly an up-and-down campaign.

Jagr’s made over $117 million over his career.  There is a good chance that he isn’t in a bad financial situation. He isn’t going to ask for an astronomical amount of money. If I were to guess, I’d say that Jagr is going to get a deal for $4 million for 2014-15, and then a mutual option for the next year for the same money.

The Devils have plenty of money to work with, so this deal won’t affect any other superstars they could go after. I think this would be a fair deal for both sides, and could get done rather quickly.

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