Passive New York Islanders Play Smart

By Kevin Davidson
New York Islanders
Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Well, it seems that when some of the worst teams in the NHL meet, people pay attention; whether it is for pure pleasure at pointing out how subpar the teams are, or maybe just to hope that their team is not the worst. The two teams with the worst goaltending in the league met tonight, the New York Islanders and the Florida Panthers, and it seemed that the victory would go to the team who could keep it together the longest. I was not disappointed. The Islanders took the lead in the second period and refused to give it up. That is ultimately what made the difference — that, and the confusing plays made by the Islanders.

In what seemed to be a lucky first goal, the Islanders were constantly pushing the action. This is not what was confusing, just a little out of the ordinary for the Islanders. What was confusing was the way that the Islanders were passing the puck, seemingly holding onto it until the last second and really drawing out the Panthers’ defense. It was a smart way to create space and really let the Islanders pick their shots.

As any wise man will tell you, a win is a win. Tonight was a win for the Islanders and an impressive one at that. The only thing that I wish I could see more of is physicality. The Islanders seemed to be a little passive on the ice tonight, which helped them win the game but it was overall a little boring. Not that I am saying that violence makes Hockey entertaining. Who am I kidding? Put some blood on the ice as well as the puck in the net.

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