It's Time For The Philadelphia Flyers To Hit The Panic Button

By Steven Smith
Bob Dechlara-USA TODAY Sports

Just about a week ago, it looked as if a playoff spot for the Philadelphia Flyers was a stone cold lock. Fast forward to today, and suddenly the orange and black find themselves barely hanging on. Whether it was a scoring drought or the fact that they played against two of the NHL‘s most elite goalies, Philly picked a terrible time to start losing games.

Thursday night’s loss to the Columbus Blue Jackets was the one game that really put them in the position they are now in. Had the Flyers won that game, they would have been able to widen the gap between them and the Jackets to six points. With just five games remaining for each club, that’s a huge deal considering how the rest of the schedules play out for both teams.

If Philly is going to make it in, it will have to be through the division. The Detroit Red Wings are incredibly hot right now, and are playing at lethal proportions holding onto their seventh seed. To even think about flirting with the final Wild Card spot is pointless, considering how much of a dog fight it has become.

Tonight, Philadelphia will take on the Buffalo Sabres, the league’s worst team, and it couldn’t have come at a better time for the bullies. However, it’s important to keep in mind that Buffalo has absolutely nothing to lose at this point, so to take the Sabres lightly would not be in Philadelphia’s best interest.

One thing is for sure, if they fail to beat Buffalo tonight, it’s clear that the Flyers don’t even deserve to be in the playoffs, regardless of that great run they had a couple of weeks back. We’ve reached a code red, Flyers fans.

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