Tampa Bay Lightning: Radko Gudas Deserves An "A" On His Chest

By Tyler Scales
Mike Carlson/Getty Images
Mike Carlson/Getty Images

When you think of a team leader in hockey, you think of a man who is built for war. You think of a man with a big stature who isn’t afraid of calling people, teammates and opposition alike out for their actions. Throughout the NHLthat is the case when it comes to captains or assistant captains. The Boston Bruins have Zdeno Chara, the Chicago Blackhawks have Duncan Keith, and the Tampa Bay Lightning need to have Radko Gudas.

Throughout the season, Gudas has proven to be the enforcer for the Lightning as he is constantly finding ways to get under the opposition’s skin. If the opposing team takes aim at one of the Lightning players with a big hit, who is the first on the scene? That’s right, Gudas is. If the Lightning need an emotional boost from the fans, who is the one who steps in and starts throwing punches? That’s right, Gudas is.

Being a strong enforcer on the ice and being the player who sticks up for your teammates no matter what opens the door for a leadership position among the men in the locker room. This is the exact reason why the Lightning should promote Gudas to being an assistant captain, so that he is given the boost that comes with being given more responsibility within the team.

If Gudas becomes an assistant captain, it would not be farfetched to imagine that the locker room would become more serious in a beneficial way. If he is willing to throw a punch to protect his teammate or to get the crowd back in the game, just imagine what he would be willing to do to get his team in the right mindset before the game, in between periods and after the game. Promote Radko Gudas to assistant captain!

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