Philadelphia Flyers' Goal Scorers Hitting Their Stride At The Right Time

By Shane Darrow
Getty Images
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The Philadelphia Flyers defeated the Florida Panthers 5-2 Tuesday night and got themselves two points closer to catching the New York Rangers for second place in the Metropolitan Division, but more importantly, it appears that the scorers for the Flyers are playing at a top level when it matters most. Secondary scoring is extremely important in the postseason, but you can’t have secondary scoring if your superstars aren’t producing.

On Tuesday night, Claude Giroux picked up two more goals, which moved his season total up to 27, and Vincent Lecavalier added a goal and an assist in the blowout win.

It’s pretty incredible how Giroux has bounced back after a miserable start to the season. He was being bashed by hockey fans from around the country due to his poor play, but he has came back and proved everyone wrong. Had he started the season the way he’s played the last few months, he could be within reach of Sidney Crosby‘s scoring lead.

He’s already proven that he can lead the Flyers in the postseason and he will need to do just that if the Flyers want any hope of making a run at a Stanley Cup title.

No one was really sure how Lecavalier would fit in with the Flyers when it was announced that he had signed with them this past offseason, but he also seems to be finding his game at the most crucial point of the season. Like Giroux, Lecavalier’s year started quite slowly, but he now has four points in his last two games and his production will also be crucial to the Flyers’ postseason chances.

When he was initially signed, I didn’t think Lecavalier’s style of play matched up too well with the muck and grind style of the Flyers, but over time he has seemingly gotten more and more adjusted and finally looks to be comfortable with his new teammates. He’s a proven leader and a proven winner, which are two things that become even more important in the playoffs.

If Giroux and Lecavalier continue to make a statement offensively, the Flyers could shock some teams when the games really start to matter.

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