Kirk Muller Needs To Be Realistic About His Future With Carolina Hurricanes

By Michael Peckerar
James Guillory - USA Today Sports
James Guillory – USA Today Sports

The Carolina Hurricanes and their fans have faced the fact that once again they will be missing the NHL Playoffs. It’s a disgusting thought and it seems almost everyone has settled into the idea that change needs to come. Everyone, that is, except for head coach Kirk Muller.

Muller was quoted by the News & Observer yesterday afternoon, saying all sorts of nonsense about how he hopes he can stay in Carolina and how much he would love to be a part of the turnaround that’s going to happen. That is worthy of a ten gallon facepalm, since it’s obvious to anyone who knows what ice is that Muller is a giant part of the problem.

Clearly, he will be gone next week when the season is over, and this is evidenced by the fact that Muller himself admitted he hasn’t heard from anyone in the front office about his future with the team — or if he even has one. With a new GM coming in next season and the bitter taste of not making the playoffs since 2009 hanging in the air, how can Muller not see this coming?

To hear these comments by Muller is not only disheartening — it’s actually pretty sad and pathetic.

Muller knows he has made a stink-fest of his time in Carolina. His occasional runs and flashes of winning have often been completely due to players like Jeff Skinner taking matters into their own hands — or dumb luck. He has consistently refused to recognize problems and has allowed awful hockey to continue when it was in his power to make it stop. His comments to the media are a sad attempt to cling to a job that is already gone.

Granted, it is not completely Muller’s fault. With the atmosphere created by departing GM and case study in apathy, Jim Rutherford, how could Muller have known it was time to switch anything up? Rutherford’s habit of always patting everyone on the behind and saying ‘good hustle’ no matter what gave Muller the green light to just do whatever with no consequences. When anything was demanded, it was too little too late.

However, it’s time for Muller to man up, rejoin the conscious masses and admit his time in Carolina is finished. Campaigning for his job at this point just insults us all.

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