Calgary Flames Hoping to Get Outshot in Finale Against Vancouver Canucks

By Jamey Holt
Flames vs Canucks
Anne-Marie Sorvin-USA TODAY Sports

As the Calgary Flames and Vancouver Canucks get set to engage in each team’s final game of the 2013-14 season, the Flames would be best served by having the Canucks outshoot them.

A stat that is regularly found with young teams is their penchant to get outshot by the more veteran teams of the league. Case in point is this season’s rebuilding Flames team. Calgary has won only 32.4 percent of the games where they outshoot their opponent, which has happened in 34 of 81 games to date. On the flip side, the Flames have won 54.8 percent of the games they get outshot in. Only 12 teams in the league win a higher percentage of games when getting outshot. Of those 12 teams, the Phoenix Coyotes are the lone team to not qualify for the playoffs.

While this current version of the Flames has plenty of speed both up front and on the blueline, puck possession isn’t a strong point — nor should it be, with such a young roster. The Flames trail only the Montreal Canadiens in blocked shots as a team. Considering they block such a high volume of shots and still get outshot in the majority of their games signals the amount of time the Flames spend inside their defensive third of the ice.

The Flames tend to see the most success, from an offensive standpoint, when they’re able to force a turnover and get odd numbers out on the break. While this style of play often doesn’t result in sustained pressure for the Flames, it makes for the entertaining brand of back and forth hockey that has defined the Flames’ style of play this season.

Over the course of an entire season, numbers never lie. Here’s to hoping the Canucks can outshoot the Flames tonight to increase the Flames’ chance of ending the season on a winning note.

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