Philadelphia Flyers Drop Pointless Game

By Kevin Davidson
Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

Unfortunately, this is one of the games that no one in Philadelphia will really care about. The big news was the Philadelphia Flyers clinching the playoffs on Saturday, thanks in turn to Mark Streit, who scored the game-winning goal. It was an amazing moment and guaranteed that the Flyers would make the playoffs and meet the New York Rangers in the first round. The Flyers played the Carolina Hurricanes today, and early on it was a slaughter.

Eric Staal of the Hurricanes apparently came to play. He scored one goal in the first and another goal in the second period. He had great success finding the holes in the goalie’s defense. It really was just spectacular shooting and was not really the result of great passing or good deflection. The man was a sniper, and for that I salute him. Never ones to be counted out, the Flyers came back to tie the game, 4-4, at the end of the second. Unfortunately, in true Philadelphia fashion, they did drop the game in a very good shootout. It was a barn-burner of a game, and for that I’m happy, but it does not mean much.

Was it the Flyers’ best effort? It did not seem so, but that is alright. It is hard in any position to motivate a team, especially when the team knows that the game that they are playing is utterly useless and it is more of a risk to play because they are risking injuries and whatnot. There are better things on the horizon for them, although the Hurricanes really were able to put effort into the game, knowing that it was their season’s last.

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