Video of Joel Quenneville’s Inappropriate Gesture at Blackhawks-Blues Game is Priceless

By RanterX

Although Joel Quenneville is 55 years old, he could have passed for a man 30 years younger on Thursday night when his Chicago Blackhawks blew a 3-2 lead and ended up dropping Game 1 of their seven-game playoff series against the St. Louis Blues. The triple-overtime thriller included a controversial call in the second extra period, which Quenneville definitely didn’t appreciate, and he let the officials know it with a Michael Jackson-esque gesture.

In the video above, you can read Quenneville’s lips at around the 56-second mark and had the refs heard what he said, he likely would have been ejected from the game. Still, the hand gesture he made that complemented his outburst is something you wouldn’t expect from a professional hockey coach, or really any coach in professional sports. Then again, maybe we just don’t give guys like Quenneville enough credit for being “hip”.

Yes, Quenneville maybe should get fined for the gesture, but only if you’re a buzzkill. The man was trying to breathe life into his defending champion team that was dead after a wild first period. In that situation, you would have been mad too if you thought the refs were going to rob your team of a 5-on-3 power play opportunity in a playoff game against your bitter rivals. Say what you want, but we’re giving Quenneville a big thumbs up. Somewhere, the King of Pop is smiling.

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