Stanley Cup Playoffs: Philadelphia Flyers Beat Themselves In Game 1

By Steven Smith
Philadelphia Flyers vs New York Rangers
Adam Hunger-USA TODAY Sports

In sports, it’s very easy to point fingers and single one guy out in the wake of a big loss. Emotions run high, and we’re quick to put the blame on that one player who made the mistake. You know the saying, “there’s no ‘I’ in team,” yes? Well, the same idea can be applied to a team loss. One mistake doesn’t cost a team a game — most of the time at least. On Thursday night, the Philadelphia Flyers proved just that.

It’s easy to say that Jason Akeson cost the Flyers Game 1 because of his rookie mistake. Perhaps it was the terrible third period penalty kill play that you saw as the Flyers’ nail in the coffin. The sloppy overall play in the third period is what brought them to their demise, but their inability to counter on giveaways plagued them for the entire duration of the contest.

The New York Rangers turned the puck over an astounding 16 times. Yet, the Flyers only managed to find the net once, not to mention only firing off 15 shots.

When you’re playing a team that’s as shaky on defense like the Rangers are, you have to be able to take advantage of the opportunities that are literally placed at your stick. Philly didn’t do that, and they got burned.

The Flyers just seemed to have an overall mistake problem on Thursday night. They made too many themselves, and couldn’t seize the moment when the Rangers committed theirs. It’s definitely safe to say that is one issue Craig Berube will be bringing up for Game 2. A simple correction of the mistakes is all Philly needs to take Game 2 at the Garden.

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