New York Rangers Will Not Go Deep Into Playoffs

By Steven Carollo
Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports
Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports

I really wanted to believe that this season was going to be different. I really wanted to believe that the New York Rangers would actually go deep into the playoffs and give the NHL‘s President’s Trophy Winners, the Boston Bruins, at least a little bit of a challenge in the Eastern Conference Finals. This, my fellow Rangers fans, is not even going to come close to happening.

We are in  Round 1 of the playoffs and the Rangers are currently in a 2-2 series tie against the Philadelphia Flyers. With each passing game, it is looking more and more like the Rangers will not even advance to Round 2, never mind the Eastern Conference Finals (Round 3), and the Flyers will be the team sending the Rangers home, and early.

The Rangers just do not have the consistency or killer instinct to get the job done in the playoffs.

I mean, one game the Rangers look like one of the top teams in the Eastern Conference, and the next game they look as if they do not even belong in the playoffs. In the first round against the Flyers, the Rangers won Game 1 and looked dominate, then they lost Game 2 and looked sloppy. The Rangers looked good in a Game 3 win, and now last night in Game 4, they looked extremely lazy and seemed to only play 20 out of 60 minutes. This lack of consistency is unacceptable, especially in the playoffs.

The Rangers’ Game 4 loss, which evened the series at two a piece, was the 11th straight playoff loss for the Rangers when they have a series lead. The Rangers’ inability to extend a series lead shows a clear lack of killer instinct, and without a killer instinct, you cannot survive in the postseason.

With the playoffs all about consistency and going for the kill, the Rangers are definitely at a huge disadvantage since neither are part of the team’s identity. This will all result in the Rangers not going deep into the playoffs this season. They might look good on paper, but paper does not win games, especially in the playoffs.

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