2014 NHL Playoffs: Minnesota Wild Hosed By Late No Call

Minnesota Wild playoffs

Chris Humphreys – USA TODAY Sports

I have said it before and I will say it again, the Colorado Avalanche vs. the Minnesota Wild has been the best series in the NHL playoffs. The series has had three overtime games, suspensions and heated contests. Saturday night’s game needed overtime to settle things in a pivotal Game 5, but the Wild were screwed by a horrible no call late in regulation.

With the Wild ahead 3-2, Charlie Coyle was skating up the ice when he was clearly interfered with. The referee could have called interference, holding or hooking, but did not call one. On the Avalanche’s next rush P.A. Parenteau scored the tying goal. Nathan Mackinnon eventually won the game in overtime to take a 3-2 lead in the series.

This is a horrible turn of events for the Wild. This is the second time the Wild have blown a lead in the last minute of regulation, and then lost the game in overtime. The first time was in Game 1, but this one hurts a lot more. The Wild had an opportunity to go back to Minnesota with a chance to close out this series. There is no other way to put it, the Wild got screwed.

With the way this series has gone, I wouldn’t put it past the Wild to tie up the series at three games apiece, but the loss tonight really hurts the Wild’s chances to upset the Avalanche. They needed this win, but they got hosed by the refs. There is no excuse for the horrible officiating late in a playoff game.

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  • Jeff DePalma

    Its Hypocritical to sit and complain about ONLY one call in this game. You apparently missed the wild scored not one but TWO goals after slashing sticks out of Avalanche players hands. Not only that but they slashed and broke MacKinnon’s stick not 5 feet from both a referee and a linesman.

    Do I agree this game was some of the worst officiating so far the playoffs? .. .Absolutely. Is it fair to only highlight 1 call out of a plethora of horribly officiated moments? … Heck no.

    • Brandon Fitzpatrick

      That late call cost the Wild the game. I didn’t even mention the fact that the Avalanche were offside as well on the tying goal. I root for neither team, just think the Wild got the short end of the stick.

  • Andrea Christopher

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    ★★★ ★★�★ ★★★ ★�★★ ★★★The Wild had an opportunity to go back to Minnesota with a chance to close out this series.

  • Gerrit

    Not only did the refs miss the hold/hook/intereference on Coyle, but a couple seconds later on the rush where the Avs scored the tying goal. The linesman missed a clear offside call (see photo)