Can Henrik Lundqvist Put New York Rangers On His Back In Postseason?

By Steven Carollo
Adam Hunger-USA TODAY Sports
Adam Hunger-USA TODAY Sports

Some New York Rangers‘ fans would think the answer to the question of “Can Henrik Lundqvist put the New York Rangers on his back in the postseason?” is an obvious yes, but other Rangers’ fans, like myself, know that this answer is still up in the air.

When looking at the stats, you will see that Lundqvist is not one, not two, not three, not four, not five, but six games under .500 in the playoffs with a 34-40 record. Not only that but Lundqvist has a career 2.27 goals against average in the postseason while he has a 2.26 career goals against average in the regular season. These differences in numbers may not seem like much at all but if you look back at most of the great goaltenders throughout NHL history who have at least one Stanley Cup, they have upped their game in the playoffs. For example, great goaltenders like Martin Brodeur, Patrick Roy, Ed Belfour, and Dominik Hasek all had significantly better goals against averages in the playoffs than they did in the regular season, while Lundqvist’s average is actually a little worse in the playoffs than in the regular.

So in reality, the answer to the question of “Can Henrik Lundqvist put the New York Rangers on his back in the postseason?” has still not been answered due to his numbers in the playoffs and the fact that he has not won a Stanley Cup.  The fact of the matter is until Lundqvist consistently shuts down the door in the playoffs, puts the team on his back, and leads the Rangers to a Stanley Cup championship before his career is all said and done, he will never be in the same conversation as the four goaltenders I have compared him to above.

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