Paging Cam Fowler for An Anaheim Ducks Series Win

By Jessica Bradley
Cam Fowler
Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Right about now, a sighting of Cam America would be a welcomed one in the city of Anaheim, especially before the Anaheim Ducks go head to head against the Los Angeles Kings for Game 2 in the Freeway Faceoff playoff series.

Ducks defenseman Cam Fowler has been a stand-out presence on Anaheim’s blue line all season. While Fowler gained much recognition for his play this year, including an invitation to the Sochi Olympics, sometimes a team never knows what they truly have until it’s no longer there. And when Fowler went out with an injury over the last few weeks of the Ducks’ regular season, finding cohesion on Anaheim’s blue line once again became a struggle.

Thankfully for the Ducks, Fowler is back in the lineup. Unfortunately, he had little impact one way or another in the team’s first-round series against the Dallas Stars.

What the Ducks need desperately out of Fowler for this current series against the Kings is the young defenseman’s uncanny ability to protect the zone and then transition the puck to offense faster than anyone else on the ice. The kid is lightning shot out of a bottle on his best nights.

During Anaheim’s 3-2 overtime loss to the Kings on Saturday, Fowler began to show hints of the offensive defense he is capable of; the one the Ducks need so badly to beat their crosstown rivals. However, what was missing was Fowler’s confidence to shoot.

Hopefully Fowler’s faith to do what he is capable of will swiftly return. Tomorrow night is the perfect place to start. Once this youngster gets going, he certainly won’t fall short of his hockey superhero nickname.

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