New Jersey Devils' Cam Janssen Has Adapted

By Nick Villano
Cam Janssen New Jersey Devils
Ed Mulholland-USA TODAY Sports

Cam Janssen looked a lot different than what New Jersey Devils fans were used to seeing from him in years past. They were used to seeing a guy who only served the purpose to fight players who were bigger than him. He was frustrated mostly because his style of play didn’t seem to fit the current NHL. It seems Janssen has finally adapted to the current product in 2013-14.

He scored three goals this season, which doubled his career total to six. He only had 46 penalty minutes between the NHL and the AHL. This is a guy who once had 337 penalty minutes in a 70 game minor league season. He seems to finally understand that he has to contribute other than going after the other team.

He came into this season never having a full year with a positive +/-. That is no longer the case. He ended the year with a plus-three. Beyond that, the eye test just said that he was a different player.

How do you grade a guy that was only trusted with about five minutes per game?  The minutes he gave this team seemed to mostly sway towards quality minutes. Part of me felt that maybe Peter DeBoer should see if he could give the team more if given more time.

Janssen will never be a great NHL player. He is now in his ninth season. He will most likely get two-way contracts for the rest of his career, barring a huge season wherever he lands next year. The fact of the matter is he did everything the team could have hoped for and more. He didn’t make too many mistakes in the time he was given, which is something that was an issue with the fourth line at times. He brought a spark in games that the team needed. For that, you look back on Janssen’s season glowingly.

Season Grade: B-

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