Paul Holmgren's New Role Could Have Positive Effect On Philadelphia Flyers

By Steven Smith
Paul Holmgren
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Yesterday, Philadelphia Flyers fans were able to spit out a terrible taste they’ve had in their mouths for the last seven-and-a-half years. Team officials announced that Paul Holmgren would be replaced by former Flyers goaltender Ron Hextall as the team’s new general manager. Though Holmgren was replaced, he wasn’t completely canned. The Flyers decided to promote Homer to the team’s new president. With the sudden switch in the front office, many things are expected to change, but how exactly does the promotion of Holmgren weigh in on the orange and black?

At a press conference that was held almost immediately following the announcement, Holmgren made it quite clear that any roster transaction decisions would fall fully on Hextall’s lap. Considering he was asked that question in different variations a few times, it really goes to show what the media thought of Homer’s stint as GM. I think it’s safe to say that the media spoke for the fans as well.

The changing of the general manager position is a good start in itself. We all know that Holmgren hasn’t made the smartest decisions in the past (cue the James van Riemsdyk comments). What about that sloppy contract he gave Vincent Lecavalier last offseason? However, it’s hard to completely bash the guy. Without him the Flyers wouldn’t posses guys like Wayne Simmonds or Steve Mason. The bad decisions ,however, are the ones people remember most from his tenure.

Keeping Holmgren in the front office will help. He is a pretty draft savvy guy. His new position will entitle him to be in charge of “business” operations. What that entails, nobody knows. If Homer can play his wingman positions well and not be overbearing, it could be the start of something very good for the Flyers.

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