Los Angeles Kings Showing Striking Similarities To 2012 Championship Season

Los Angeles Kings

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They just do not go away, do they? That seems to be the head-scratching question everyone is asking. The Los Angeles Kings just will not die. Though their current cup run is not exactly the same as the one from 2012, there are some extremely familiar feats and events happening that are leading plenty of people to think that they are destined to win it all again in 2014.

In 2012, the Kings entered the playoffs as the No. 8 seed in the Western Conference. This year, they came in ranked sixth in the Western Conference. With their backs against the wall and having to face some colossal opponents early, they Kings have shown their fighting spirit and have flexed their muscles yet again.

In 2012, L.A. had to get past the top-seeded Vancouver Canucks in the quarterfinals and the second-seeded St.Louis Blues in the semifinals. This year, they came back from a 3-0 series deficit to defeat the fourth-seeded San Jose Sharks and then knocked off another top seed in the Anaheim Ducks.

Both years, the Kings won their opening series on the road (2012 five games, 2014 seven games). In both of those clinching games, they failed to score fist, but came from behind to win.

The playoff dominance of Anze Kopitar has also carried over from two seasons ago. In 2012, Kopitar finished with 20 points (second on the team). This year, he already has 19.

It is safe to say that what the Kings are doing right now is more impressive than what they did in 2012, despite being a higher seed this time around. That is the only thing that is really different when compared with the 2012 run. However, they are showing that same urgency and poise that they did back in 2012.

If I were a Chicago Blackhawks fan, I would be terrified. In 2012, the final team the Kings played in the Western Conference side of the bracket was the third-seeded Phoenix Coyotes, again, another team ranked better than they were. The Blackhawks come into this series ranked one spot higher than the Kings. Whoever said “you can’t repeat history” obviously never watched this Kings team.

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  • mychiefs58

    yep…terrified. you nailed it. i can’t even watch…

  • http://www.cyberspace.com What’s the frequency, Kenneth?

    Would be nice, of course. Even if they do win the Cup, it will be less impressive than going 16-4 was.

  • Griz

    More impressive than 2012, huh?

    Quick had a .946 and a 1.41 GAA. Do you think this year’s numbers are more impressive, too? .912 and 2.75 GAA. You go ahead and think this one is more impressive. Cups are won with goaltending. As it turns out, yours is a wee bit lacklaster at the moment.