Los Angeles Kings Fans Need to Step Up to Offset the Behavior of One of Their Own

By PowerPlayCJ
Corey Crawford
David Banks- USA Today Sports

As the Los Angeles Kings return to Staples Center for Game 6 of the Western Conference Finals against the Chicago Blackhawks, it would help if the only “water wars” happen on the frozen variety. This is of course in reference to Blackhawks’ goalie Corey Crawford spraying a taunting Kings fan with a bottle of water after being pulled from the game. The incident should’ve been a “no harm, no foul”, but it didn’t end with a spray of H20. The fan filed charges and demanded the Los Angeles Police Department look into the incident as he felt the incident was an assault.

Naturally the LAPD will not be looking into the incident as they have real work to do that doesn’t involve NHL goalies and fans looking for fame. For a sport that prides itself on toughness, a “fan” acting so weak isn’t exactly the best look nor is it indicative of Kings/hockey fans on the whole.

Seemingly any hockey fan would laugh off a moment like that with a former Stanley Cup winner, but this Kings fan chose to be a victim and provide a distraction to both teams. Having said that, both of these teams have won the Stanley Cup in recent years  and this bout of foolishness wouldn’t derail either team’s chance at the Stanley Cup.

As the Kings take the ice, the hometown fans will be rowdy and surely chants will toward Crawford will echo the incident. As long as incidents involving hydration don’t involve the police department getting involved, Kings fans can redeem themselves for one of their fellow fans getting up in arms over a harmless incident with a bottle of  water.

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