Los Angeles Kings' Jarret Stoll Flying Under The Radar

By PowerPlayCJ
Jarret Stoll
Robert Mackson-USA Today Sports

The Los Angeles Kings‘ Jarret Stoll is skating in his third Stanley Cup Finals and is three wins away from his second Stanley Cup, yet somehow he still doesn’t get the credit he deserves. In fact, Stoll is in so many ways known more for his past and current better halves off the ice (Rachel Hunter and Erin Andrews respectively) than he is for his gritty, effective play on the ice.

So much attention is paid to the Kings’ top guns like Drew Doughty, Anze Kopitar and Marian Gaborik that the “foot soldiers” who do all of the little things that never show up on the stat sheet get overlooked. Stoll excels in blocking shots, killing penalties and especially at winning faceoffs. These at times thankless tasks are often the difference between winning and losing , especially with the amount of close games the Kings have played in the playoffs.

It seems like forever ago, but Stoll was a major contributor to the upstart Edmonton Oilers when they made their miraculous Stanley Cup Finals run in 2006. The then 24-year-old Stoll posted 68 points for the Oilers that season and looked like he was going to be an offensive dynamo for Edmonton.

Some injuries and bad Oilers teams saw Stoll pack his bags for Los Angeles in 2008. Since arriving in L.A., Stoll has become more of defense-first center who oozes intangibles, and he was a big part of the Kings going from being a league laughingstock to legitimate contender.

While his address and role have evolved since then, the team-first mentality has not. So while he may keep a high profile off the ice, Stoll’s on-ice persona is more quiet and reserved — and he’s just fine with that as long as he gets his hands on another Cup.

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