NHL Won't Ever Accept Selfish Antics From Young Phenoms

By PowerPlayCJ
Sidney Crosby
Brad Rempel-USA TODAY Sports

The old cliché is NHL players are tougher than everyone else in the sports world and after this week, that notion has been completely confirmed. No, I’m talking about LeBron James cramping up in the Finals — I can’t question a proven winner like that. Besides, he shut down the naysayers with a Game 2 performance for the ages.

I’m talking about Manny Machado of the Baltimore Orioles, who coupled immaturity with overreaction in a manner that gave himself, his team, and his sport a very bad look. After being complaining about being tagged “too hard” by Josh Donaldson of the Oakland Athletics, Machado launched his bat down the third base line two days later.

While the response was dangerous and classless, the fact that a professional athlete could get that worked up over a tag is downright pathetic.

With Machado’s native South Florida on its way to producing more and more hockey talent, it’s good that he never hit the ice himself. If he gets that worked up over a tag on the basepaths, how would he react with a hard check into the boards? If a glove is too much for him, how would a slapshot zinging past his head faze him? Would he launch a stick like a javelin? These are all legitimate questions.

Young phenoms throughout sports face an unfair amount of pressure and Machado is no exception. Having said that, for all of Sidney Crosby’s antics as a teenager, he wouldn’t be caught dead getting worked up over being touched too hard with a glove. If he had, his own teammates would’ve taken a bigger issue with it than any opponent would have.

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